Who we are

In Brief

The Computational Science Laboratory (UCY-CompSci) was established in 2005 as a Marie Curie Transfer of Knowledge (TOK-DEV) Center with the aim to promote a core of excellence in the computational sciences and engineering in the School of Engineering at the University of Cyprus.

Current Status

Since 2009, UCY-CompSci operates as a research and training laboratory in the School of Engineering at the University of Cyprus and it is self-sustained through the external funding, primarily from European and US research grants. UCY-CompSci is active in research projects that span several fields, such as aerodynamics, turbulent fluid and plasma flows, biological fluid flows, environmental flows, controlled thermonuclear fusion and molecular dynamics. The common thread that joints these activities together is the application of computational methods to solve physical problems that involve fluids. This operational model has been chosen because it creates opportunities for synergies and transfer of know-how from one sub-area of application to another. For example, consistent and conservative numerical techniques that have developed for the accurate computation of the Lorentz forces in Magnetohydrodynamics have been used successfully at the Laboratory to improve the accuracy of simulations of saltwater intrusion in porous media. UCY-CompSci offers a stimulating research environment where scientists with different backgrounds, who nevertheless speak the common language of computational mechanics, can bring together their collective knowledge in search of innovative solutions to difficult problems.

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