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    Welcome to the official page of the Computational Sciences Laboratory (UCY-CompSci). UCY-CompSci was established as a Marie Curie Transfer of Knowledge Center (TOK-DEV) aiming at the promotion of Computational Science and Engineering and is operated by the Engineering School at the University of Cyprus (UCY-Eng) under the leadership of Prof. Stavros Kassinos.

    UCY-CompSci provides a multi-disciplinary research core aiming at the promotion of excellence in a range of computational science and engineering themes that support the research activities of the School of Engineering, such as Complex Fluid and Plasma Flow, Molecular Dynamics and Ab Initio MD Simulations for Nanofluidics and Plasma-Wall Interactions, Multi-Phase Flows and Pollutant Dispersion, Biomedical Fluid Dynamics, and Turbulence Theory, Modeling  and Simulation.

    UCY-CompSci operates a number of parallel computing systems that are  described in detail under the Laboratory Infrastructure link. These systems provide an overall computing power of roughly 2.5 Teraflops. 

    This site provides information about the structure of the research and training activities of UCY-CompSci, provides information and job application material for prospective fellows, and highlights important research results and activities.

    Water quality measurements in Kouris dam

        As part of an ongoing collaboration with the International Water Research Center - NIREAS  and the Water Development Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment of the Republic of Cyprus, we are validating a model for the prediction of evaporative losses and of the fate of pollutants and contaminants entering the Kouris Dam. For this purpose key parameters, such as water temperature, dissolved oxygen concentration, pH etc. are monitored on a monthly basis.
    Latest Publications
    X. Albets-Chico and S. Kassinos
    Journal of Hydrology (2013), doi: 2013.10.009 (20 pages) (2013)
    Nicolas Kanaris, Xavier Albets, Dimokratis Grigoriadis, and Stavros Kassinos
    Physics of Fluids, 25(7), 074102 (2013); (29 pages) (2013)
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