January 14, 2021

New website

In view of its growing portfolio of industry-academia collaborative projects, the Computational Sciences Laboratory at the University of Cyprus (UCY-CompSci) has launched a new website that better highlights the range of services and expertise that it can bring to the table in projects focused on the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. http://ucy-compsci.org

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Applied Physiology Paper

Abstract: The morphometry of the large conducting airways is presumed to have a strong effect on the regional deposition of inhaled aerosol particles. Nevertheless, sex-based differences have not been fully quantified and are still largely ignored in designing inhalation therapies. To this end, we retrospectively analyzed high-resolution computer-tomography scans for 185 individuals (90 women, 95

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Inhaled Medicines Book

Inhaled medicines are widely used to treat pulmonary and systemic diseases. The efficacy and safety of these medicines can be influenced by the deposited fraction, the regional deposition pattern within the lungs and by post-depositional events such as drug dissolution, absorption and clearance from the lungs. Optimizing performance of treatments thus requires that we understand

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