21.8.2015 NEW COST Action MP1404 SimInhale under the auspices of the EU COST Office

Visit Action MP1404 at http://www.siminhale-cost.eu

As a result of the culmination of several scientific and technological developments, we are on the verge of technological breakthroughs in the field of inhaled medicines that will revolutionize the treatment of many acute or chronic respiratory and systemic illnesses. However, knowledge in the field is vertically fragmented and compartmentalized in disciplines. As a result, current developments are not necessarily synergistic and supportive of each other. The prospect of patient- tailored inhaled medicines necessitates a much closer coordination of research and development activities.

Simlnhale aims to create a pan-European network of experts in order to:

i) advance particle designs for improved deposition and interaction with lung tissue,

ii) promote realistic computer simulations of particle aerosolization, delivery and deposition,

iii) promote patient- tailored inhaled medicines,

iv) promote integration of device and formulation design, and

v) promote critical assessment of toxicity issues and related risks.

Making a new generation of advanced inhaled pharmaceuticals available to patients in a shorter period of time will have enormous social benefits. It will also have significant economic benefits, since it will advance pharmaceuticals with higher effectiveness and fewer side effects, thus reducing health care costs in the long run, and will help sustain innovation in the industry of inhaled pharmaceuticals and inhaler devices.

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The Computational Science Laboratory (UCY-CompSci) was established in 2005 as a Marie Curie Transfer of Knowledge (TOK-DEV) Center with the aim to promote a core of excellence in the computational sciences and engineering in the School of Engineering at the University of Cyprus.

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