The Nikos Simeonidis Prize for Excellence in Research

Prof. S. C. Kassinos was awarded the 2010 “Nikos Simeonides” prize for Excellence in Research, the highest research award in Cyprus.  The official announcement reads as follows:

The Prize Selection Commitee has selected Dr. Stavros Kassinos among many excellent candidates based on his research project “Transfer of knowledge for the creation of a multidisciplinary core of excellence in the computational sciences at the University of Cyprus”, which was funded under the Marie Curie Programme of Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) for Research and Technological Developement of the European Commission.  

Dr. Kassinos, through the research experience on modeling turbulent fluid flow that he has gained while at Stanford University and CTR/NASA Ames, he managed in a short period of time during his work in Cyprus to implement a research activity in two much younger but very important areas, Nanofluidics and Multiscale Simulations through the use molecular dynamics simulations, and Environmental Pollution, where he is pursuing the solution of complex problems through modern computational methods, including parallel computing. 

The quality of the outcomes of the research program considered is excellent. These include a large number of excellent papers in high-impact factor international scientific journals such as the Journal of Computational Physics, Physics of Fluids and Chemical Reviews, the organization of Seminars, Short Courses and International Conferences, many of which in Cyprus, and the establishment of important ongoing research collaborations with high-profile researchers in Europe and the United States, which create the conditions for the sustainment of a high rate of funding for the research team, the leverage of intellectual property rights and the commercialization of numerical models developed by the team. Furthermore, through his research accomplishments, Dr. Kassinos has managed to attract high quality researchers from abroad.

The research career of Dr. Kassinos, which started with time spent in top research and academic institutions, his excellent publications in high-quality scientific journals and the creation and development of an internationally known research team in Cyprus, point to a world-class researcher who is in the middle of

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The Computational Science Laboratory (UCY-CompSci) was established in 2005 as a Marie Curie Transfer of Knowledge (TOK-DEV) Center with the aim to promote a core of excellence in the computational sciences and engineering in the School of Engineering at the University of Cyprus.

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