Workshop Organized by UCY-COMPSCI

Assessment of the performance of the ASBM turbulence closure in biomedical fluid flows

You are cordially invited our workshop on May 23, 2014. It will take place at the Nireas building (conference room) 96 Kyrenias street, Aglantzia.

The ASBM is an advanced Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) model of turbulence that holds significant promise for improved turbulence predictions in complex engineering flows. Having originally been formulated at Stanford University, the ASBM has, over the last decade, been further developed at the Computational Sciences Laboratory (UCY-CompSci) of the University of Cyprus. The model allows improved flow predictions for many important benchmark cases involving two-dimensional mean flow configurations, but has so far not been extensively tested in flows with three-dimensional effects, such as separation and re- attachment. However, a number of important applications, spanning diverse engineering fields, such as body-wing junctions in aerodynamics and airflow and particle deposition in the human respiratory system, involve strong three-dimensional effects. Therefore, an important next step in the continued development of ASBM is the validation of the model, for a number of benchmark cases involving internal and external flows with significant three-dimensional effects. This workshop showcases recent results from a collaborative effort to compute a series of benchmark cases of increasing complexity that will lead finally to the computation of turbulent flow in a simplified model of the human respiratory system.  

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The Computational Science Laboratory (UCY-CompSci) was established in 2005 as a Marie Curie Transfer of Knowledge (TOK-DEV) Center with the aim to promote a core of excellence in the computational sciences and engineering in the School of Engineering at the University of Cyprus.

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