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    Transfer of Knowledge

    Many of the problems that must be tackled in order to advance technology and science increasingly require synergetic approaches across disciplines. Computational Science refers to interdisciplinary research aiming at the solution of complex scientific and engineering problems under the unifying theme of computation.

    The explosive growth of computer power over the last few decades, and the advancement of computational methods, have enabled the application of computational approaches to an ever-increasing set of problems. Thus a Computational Sciences core in a modern Engineering School offers the opportunity to bring together, in collaborative work, scientists and engineers from various disciplines, and complements experimental activities.

    Through this project, UCY-Eng plans to attract experienced researchers to closely collaborate with local faculty in four Training Programs (TP). All TP’s deal with the application of Computational Science in developing nanotechnology for the detection and treatment of environmental pollution, and will occur in parallel with experimental and field work carried at UCY-Eng and its partners.

    In addition, two local researchers will be trained for a one-year period at selected partners in order to contribute to the TP’s upon their return. Each TP promotes competence and practical skills in a different thematic area within the Computational Sciences. Although distinct, the four TP’s have commonalities both in the scientific content and the computing practice.

    This will enable interactions across TP’s, creating a larger context within the theme of “Nanotechnology and the Environment”, where transfer of knowledge can occur at multiple levels. The four TP’s are the following:

    • TP1: Complex Fluid Flow - Turbulence and Plasma
    • TP2: Multiscale Modeling and Simulation
    • TP3: Computational Modeling for Environmental Pollution
    • TP4: Parallel Computing

    The management of UCY-CompSci is assisted by a steering committee that is responsible for overseeing the overall progress of the TOK-DEV activity and ensuring the accomplishment of long-term objectives.

    The steering committee is comprised of the local faculty leaders managing the four Training Programs (TPs) into which the TOK-DEV activity is divided, a faculty member from each of the partner organizations (ETHZ, CTR), and two faculty members from other European organizations with experience either in implementing TOK-DEV activities or with expertise in the thematic area of the current TOK-DEV activity.

    The role of the steering committee is the identification of long-term objectives and progress indicators, the review of overall progress every six months, and the formulation of recommendations on how the results of the TOK-DEV activity should be leveraged for the long-term strengthening of the RTD and education potential of the host institution.

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