Modeling Inhalers

Projects with Pharmaceutical Companies (Inhaler Assessment):


UCY-CompSci joins forces with the University of Groningen and PureIMS in order to generate new knowledge on key factors that affect the performance of Dry Powder Inhalers of the Twincer family and variants.

* Image courtesy of PureIMS


UCY-CompSci and ELPEN pharmaceutical have formed a research project agreement aiming to examine the airflow features and drug powder transport characteristics inside the ELPENHALER Dry powder inhaler via high-fidelity numerical simulations.

* Image courtesy of Elpen


UCY-CompSci and Aptar Radolfzell GMBH have formed a research project agreement with aim to quantify deposition of medicinal aerosols in the extrathoracic airways during relaxed breathing from nebulizer-like moisturizing systems (Aptar Pharma’s PureHale Technology).

* Image courtesy of Aptar Pharma

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