PureHale Technology (nebulizer-like device)

Aptar Pharma’s PureHale Technology Platform

* Images courtesy of Aptar Pharma

APTAR and UCY-CompSci have joined forces in an ongoing collaboration aiming to characterize deposition of medicinal aerosols in the extrathoracic airways during relaxed breathing from nebulizer-like moisturizing systems. To this end, the performance of PureHale device is assessed both experimentally and computationally. APTAR conducts experimental measurements using the IVIVC system from Copley. Quantification of aerosol deposition is performed on the Alberta Idealized Throat, while fluorescein deposition visualizations are achieved in a physical upper respiratory model made out of transparent glass. UCY-CompSci uses Computational Fluid Particle Dynamics (CFPD) technology to simulate droplet release from PureHale device and deposition in the same physical upper respiratory model. Three types of simulations are executed emulating: oral breathing directly through the inhaler cap, oral breathing through the mask, and nasal breathing through the mask. Simulation results lead to quantification and visualization of aerosol deposition in the different regions of the extrathoracic airways.


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